Over Dalkeith Stables

It's been a while since we ran unmounted evenings because the nights are getting light and everyone is so busy.  Also it is now the games season and Wednesday night is training night for the Streathearn branch (and Mollie and Hamish).  Shortly we will update this page to show all of the badges that our members have achieved.

The last Achievement Badge was Points of the Horse and here is the list of everyone that passed

Charlotte, Annabelle, Megan, Robyn, Ellie, Jane, Jennifer, Gail, Jack, Mhairi, Mhairi O, Caitlin, Hamish, Ruairidh, Jamie and Chloe

Grooming and Handling successes from a previous week,

Caitlin, Charlotte, Annabelle, Olivia, Megan, Robyn, Ellie, Jane, Gail, Jack, Mhairi, Caitlin, Hamish, Ruairidh, Jamie and Chloe.