Over Dalkeith Stables

We decided after living here for six years to embark on a stable building programme.  We have never found anyone that could actually deliver the type of stables that we wanted.  So when we met Ewan from Thistle Stables we were really excited at the prospect of getting a completely bespoke build tailored to our exact requirements.  He was also able to offer lots of usefule advice and point out tactfully things that just would not work.  He has also added things that we would never have dreamed of (like the arched windows to give the horses a view).  He was even able to put up with us changing our minds and not always knowing what we wanted.  The end result has been a conversion of an old useless barn into a smart blue block of four new stables which are so truly gorgeous we can't bare to put a horse inside them.

If anyone would like to come and look around our stables to see the quality and finish of the work then please feel free to call and we will happily show you around like the proud new owners that we are.  Random strangers will not then need to be dragged off the streets to admire them.

So stage one was the conversion to get four new stables.

Stage two was the conversion of the tractor shed into a pony pen.  Currently it is one large pen but we will then get Ewan to break it up into five pens to keep our ponies warm and dry in winter.  The photos of the ponies in their new winter home will be added to the phot gallery below soon.

Stage three is the refurbishment (actually replacement) of the two isolation stables ouside the tack room.

Stage four is the replacement of the five internal boxes in the barn with six lovley new stables.

Roll on stage four.

And here's a photo gallery of the stables so far...